Jellyfish 2009

it’s all creative energy, realized.

The Creative Energy Realized (CER) Project was founded in 2011 by Emelia Spalding Harris of Seattle, WA. Ultimately, the Project aims to explore the connection between artist, inspiration and medium, and how an individual can use various mediums to express a full range of ideas. Based on the belief that inspiration can come from anywhere, it seems only natural that a single artist should explore a spectrum of mediums to express their creativity. Above all, The CER Project is a medium itself: a digital means of expressing one individual’s belief that art, like people, comes in all shapes, sizes and colors and, like life, is only limited by one’s imagination.

It is my ambition to extend this site to include artists who share similar artistic breadth and interests. As information becomes more accessible, so too does the exposure to new realms of creativity. If we as a society focus on this breadth and lack of depth of information, it flows that artists’ works should explore a variety of mediums to enhance, and express, our understanding and personal connection to the world.

Above all, create! As Albert Einstein said, “true art is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist.” Make the most of your creative potential. Support creative energy, and realize your own ability to express yourself.




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