Inspired by Picasso

In late 2010, the Seattle Art Museum hosted a collection of Picasso’s work from the Musée National Picasso, Paris. It was a beautiful mixed collection of more than 150  paintings, sketches, sculptures, photographs and prints created throughout Picasso’s life. Walking through the exhibit left me breathless as I took in the creative massiveness of this artist’s life; I was inspired most by his overwhelming success in such a wide breadth of mediums.

On returning home, I immediately went to the studio and rummaged around until I found some oil pastels, a medium I rarely ever use. Seeing his control with them was an immediate and direct challenge. This is what surfaced:

Information on the SAM’s exhibit can be found here:

Title: Reclining Nude
Inspiration: Picasso Exhibit at the SAM
Medium: Oil pastel on paper
Dimensions: approx. 5×13″ original, prints available larger
Price: $200 original

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