We All Want to Fly

In Seattle we have a free monthly publication called CityArts, a magazine created by and for local creative communities. In March of 2010, the front cover held an image of Rocky Votolato from the band Carissa’s Weird throwing a paper airplane. I was mesmerized by the image, and how the photographer had managed to capture both eye contact and motion in the composition. The act of throwing the airplane felt like both a catharsis and the release of a dream or idea into existence, and locking eyes with the subject makes such an experience speak directly to the viewer. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to ‘make it my own’, so to speak. Building on the idea of the ‘release of a dream’, I created the collage below. 

Unfortunately, I don’t think this picture of the original does it justice–I used gold and blue paint to accent the light and shadows of the collage, and on the original you can see the gold reflect light, giving it a glow I didn’t capture in the photograph.

For more information about the CityArts article on Rocky Votolato click here.




Title: We All Want to Fly
Inspiration: CityArts Magazine, March 2010 cover article
Medium: Mixed media collage 
Dimensions: 8×10″ original, prints available up to 20×30″
Price: $350 original, prints $45 – $175

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