Housewarming… and Snowing

Well, it’c cold enough to just leave the beer outside. Luckily raccoons haven’t figured out twist-offs.

Hello, again! The past few months have been a whirlwind of change, luckily landing me in a great new house with a new roommate (a roommate, period), new job, new schedule.. new new new! As usual I find myself cycling with the change of pace, thriving on the highs and pushing through the lows as best I can. A month into my new ‘life’, I feel the world slowing back into a new normalcy.

A fellow at our housewarming party, and later a spattering of Google’d blogs, told me that it takes twenty-eight days to form new habits. That sounds about right. It has been almost exactly a month since I moved, and patterns are starting to reappear.

Hopefully blogging will become an established part of this routine.

The CER Project lives another day.


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